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Wednesday, June 12 • 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Poster Session and Dinner

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Mathematics is a Game Played with Symbols 
David Landy, Erin Ottmar

Students' perceptions of how video games affect learning in a developed and a developing country 
Leif Marklund, Hakim Usoof

Engagement, Understanding, and Achievement: Iterative Assessment and Refinement of Khipu Master
Ellen Jameson, Daniel Hickey

Designing a Game-Inspired Learning Management System
Caitlin Holman, Barry Fishman, Stephen Aguilar

Visual Analysis Toolkit: 5 Use Cases
Jeff Holmes, Rebecca Hoffman, Ben Pincus, Alex Cope, Jesse Shedd, Tenneille Choi

GeoGame: An Online Geography Game for Learning about the Green Revolution
Brendon Mikula, Andrew Heckler, Ola Ahlqvist, Rohan Benkar, Rajiv Ramnath, Kiril Vatev

Pedagogical Agents in Game-based Mathematics Learning in Virtual Worlds: OpenSim project Bazaar
Heesung Kim, Gwynn Grandy, Sungwoong Lee, Taehyeong Lim, Fengfeng Ke

A Design-Based Research: An Initial Model of an Embodied Cognition Based Video Game for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Sungwoong Lee, Fengfeng Ke

Gaming Bloom's: Deconstructing the Revised Taxonomy for Games-Based Learning
Jayne C. Lammers, Victoria Van Voorhis

Interactive Learning Assessment: Providing Context and Simulating Professional Practices
Vanessa Svihla, Elizabeth Yakes, Tim Castillo, Andrea Cantarero, Isaac Valdez, Natalie Dominguez

Leaving the Cave Without Losing the Transfer: ARGs and Integrated Performance in Operation ARETE
Roger Travis, Stephen Slota, Michael Young

WhyReef: A Virtual, Educational Program Analysis
Cody Jolin, Sylvia Tiala

Bringing School Psychology to the sandbox: designing an educational video game
Fernando Teles, Cleci Maraschin, Larissa Medeiros M. Santos, Glauber Benigno, Vinicius Guanais, Cyrille Gindreau, Dener Silva

College Quest: A Game-based LMS and Academic Social Network
Francesco Crocco, Joe Bisz

One day in the Botanical Garden - Work in Progress
Cleci Maraschin, Poti Gavillon, Renata Kroeff, Rebeca Andreolla

Alberto Ramirez, Jonathan Ibarra, Liliana Camacho, Miguel Solis, Bernardo Ramirez

Online Map Games - playful interaction with geographical science tools
Ola Ahlqvist, Rohan Benkar, Rajiv Ramnath, Kiril Vatev, Andrew Heckler, Brendon Mikula

Safety Nets Simplified: Simulated Decision-Making in Volatile Developing Economies
Lien Tran

The Cognition of Gameplay: Cognitive Task Analysis and Portal 2
Patrick Gallagher, Shenan Prestwich

Gaming the General Consequences of Learning
Steven Zuiker

Procedural Rhetorics criticizing Capitalism - Trails Forward as a Multi-Player Persuasive Game
Patrick Prax, Mark Stenerson, Ben Shapiro

Designer Research MetaGame
Cary Staples

Using Virtual World Lego to Develop Fraction Understanding
Wei Qiang, Fengfeng Ke

Experiences of the Self in Affinity Spaces with Videogames
Carlos Baum, Poti Gavillon, Renata Kroeff, Cleci Maraschin

Producing Educational Mini Games: A Worked Example of the Agile Production Approach
Gabrielle Garner

Students Dream It, They Build it: 3D Virtual Worlds Enter A High School
Lilly Lu, Aline Click

The Island of Pi - Facilitating Math Learning through a Virtual-Reality-Based Game Intervention
Xinhao Xu, Xingrong Xue, Zhaihuan Dai, Yanjun Pan, Fengfeng Ke

Qualitative methods for studying learning through gameplay at museums and science centers
Sarah Chu, Jason Yip, Jason Haas, Christine Roman

Gamification of the student activity in a net-based course discussion
Leif Marklund, Peter Vinnervik

Digital Badges for Recognizing, Assessing, Motivating, and Evaluating Learning in Games and Beyond
Daniel Hickey, Rebecca Itow, Andi Rehak, Katerina Schenke, Cathy Tran

Augmented Reality Family Interactions Study
Michelle Tiu, Yvonne Kao, Elizabeth McCarthy, Danielle Yumol, Linlin Li, Katherine Kuhns, Priscilla Motley

Gaming Goal Orientations: An Empirical Motivation Framework
John Quick, Robert Atkinson

SimQuabbin Project: Game-based Environmental Science Education in a Virtual World
Scott Payne, Mark Santolucito

yoU Make It GO!: Mathematics at Play
UMIGO Project

GETUP: Health Gaming for "the Rest of Your Life"
Cynthia Ching, Robin Hunicke

Design of Social Games for Fostering Sustained Behavior Change in Healthy Eating and Exercise
Shree Durga, Magy Seif El-Nasr, Mariya Shiyko, Carmen Sceppa, Pamela Naab

How to Look at Videogames: Three Perspectives
Jeff Holmes

Developing "Agency": Pre-Service Art Educators Learning Digital Game Design
Ryan Patton, Luke Meeken

Games for Development: Using the SGDA Framework for Assessing Serious Games in ICTD
Kara Behnke, John Bennett

Grounds Keeper: Extending Focus and Attention through Play
Seann Dikkers, Chris Hawks, Mark Mace

The Effects of Framing on Game Play Experience and Learning
Cote Theriault

Chaired by Gabriella Anton

avatar for Gabriella Anton

Gabriella Anton

Research Specialist, Games Learning Society Center
Gabriella Anton graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with two bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Sociology in 2011. She worked in an independent Montessori school as a teaching assistant for 5 years throughout high school and college. She currently works at the Center for Games+Learning+Society designing and implementing a video game design curriculum, as well as studying how adults learn computational thinking and modeling.

avatar for Stephen J. Aguilar

Stephen J. Aguilar

Ph.D. Candidate, ABD & Visiting Scholar, University of Michigan / UC Irvine
I am an ABD in Education and Psychology at the University of Michigan, and research the design, efficacy, and motivational implications of learning analytics applications. Specifically, I am interested in how representations of achievement influence students' academic motivation and self-regulated learning strategies. My dissertation study focuses on capturing and measuring students' sense-making processes when exposed to potential visualizations... Read More →
avatar for Ola Ahlqvist

Ola Ahlqvist

Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
avatar for Dr. Robert Atkinson

Dr. Robert Atkinson

Associate Professor, Arizona State University
avatar for Kara Behnke

Kara Behnke

PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder, ATLAS Institute, Quarter Heart Studios
I am a GameGodde55: I help people better themselves through digital games. As a PhD student, I am passionate about discovering new ways to leverage and assess game-based learning, persuasive games, gamification, and games for STEM education. When I'm not saving the world of education through games, I design and develop games for my start-up company, Quarter Heart Studios. And naturally, as an avid gamer, I constantly save the world via my... Read More →

Glauber Benigno

Não tenho nada a dizer sobre mim.
avatar for Joe Bisz

Joe Bisz

English Professor and Game Designer, City University of New York
I'm a professional development speaker, and I've designed several card games that teach game design.

Liliana Camacho

Dirección de arte, Chido Games
Me encanta El arte, la ilustración, animación, el diseño de juegos
avatar for Cynthia Ching

Cynthia Ching

Associate Professor of Learning and Mind Sciences, University of California, Davis
Technology and identity, personal data gaming, embodied cognition, games and behavior.
avatar for Aline Click

Aline Click

Director, Digital Convergence Lab and eLearning Services, Northern Illinois University
Director of the Digital Convergence Lab at Northern Illinois University. Research on girls and video game, STEM, and gender issues. Interests include, teaching video game design, virtual worlds as learning environments, online education, and cockatoos.

Francesco Crocco

Assistant Professor, Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
avatar for Gabrielle Garner, Ph. D.

Gabrielle Garner, Ph. D.

The Home Depot
"We have always tried to be guided by the idea that in the discovery of knowledge, there is great entertainment." Walt Disney | | Recent research interest: Finding a more complete/honest way to calculate return on investment for learning innovations
avatar for Seann Dikkers

Seann Dikkers

Education Department Chair, Bethel University
Seann Dikkers is an associate professor of Education at Bethel University. Formerly, Seann served fourteen years as a middle school teacher, high school principal, and researcher. Now he teaches, writes, and works with some amazing colleagues at Bethel. He studies exemplary teaching, learning design, and learning systems. His books include *Real-Time Research*, *Mobile Media Learning I and II*, and *TeacherCraft: Minecraft in the Classroom... Read More →
avatar for Shree Durga

Shree Durga

Postdoctoral Researcher, Playable Innovative Technologies (PLAIT) Lab, Northeastern University
computational literacy, modding and information analytics, player engagement and learning in games
avatar for Barry Fishman

Barry Fishman

Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Gameful learning, GradeCraft, motivation, higher education
avatar for Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Learning Scientist/PM, Advanced Distributed Learning/Serco
Dr. Shane Gallagher received his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from George Mason University and MA in Educational Technology from the University of New Mexico. He has led research and evaluation projects in game-based learning and cognition, learning object content models, simulations, reusable pedagogical models, organizational readiness, and knowledge management. Shane has designed enterprise learning and knowledge architectures, learning... Read More →
avatar for Jason Haas

Jason Haas

Cambridge, MA, United States, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jason is a Research Assistant and PhD candidate in The Education Arcade and the Center for Mobile Learning in the MIT Media Lab. He is also an Early Career Scholar at the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the Spencer New Civics Education Program.His research focuses on designing interesting civic, multiplayer experiences (for learning and otherwise) and evaluating them in context. Recent work includes the Jigsaw-based iPad game SANCTUARY... Read More →

Andrew Heckler

Associate Professor of Physics, Ohio State University
I started in Cosmology/Astrophysics, but now I study how people learn (or don't learn!) Physics. My group is interested in exploring how interaction via computers, such as interactive homework etc, can help students to achieve instructional goals for physics courses, such as deep understanding of important physics concepts and problem solving.

Daniel Hickey

BOOC at IU - Big Open Online Courses
Dan Hickey’s work focuses on "participatory" approaches to assessment, motivation, & credentialing, and work in e-learning, videogames, open learning, & new media contexts. In recent years, strands of work have come together in a framework he calls "Participatory Learning and Assessment." Since 2012, he has directed the Open Badges Design Principles Documentation Project. This project is examining the design principles emerging across the 30... Read More →

Caitlin Holman

Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
avatar for Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Tempe, Arizona, USA, Arizona State University
Jeff Holmes is a Founding Graduate Fellow at the Center for Games and Impact at Arizona State University, a PhD student in Rhetoric and Composition in the Department of English, and a life-long gamer. His research focuses on how games demonstrate good principles of teaching outside of school, how communities collectively construct identities, and how gaming and play extend to multiple sites beyond the traditional boundaries of 'gamespace.' In... Read More →
avatar for Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke

Co-Founder, Funomena LLC
Robin Hunicke is the CEO & Co-Founder of the San Francisco studio Funomena, which makes experimental VR (Luna), AR (Woorld) and console (Wattam) experiences. She has been designing, making and teaching about games for over 12 years (Journey, Boom Blox, MySims, TheSims2). | A designer and producer by training, she has a background in computer science, fine art and applied game studies. As Director of the Art, Games & Playable Media BA... Read More →
avatar for Jonathan Ibarra

Jonathan Ibarra

CEO Chido Games, Chido Games
I love music, I enjoy having fun with my friends and in my spare time develop videogames and tools for voice recognition

Rebecca Itow

Rebecca Itow, a former high school English teacher, has been one of the lead researchers on the Open Badges project and is putting participatory learning and assessment principles into practice through her work with the online Indiana University High School. 
avatar for Ellen Jameson

Ellen Jameson

Learning Specialist, Filament Games
I am a Learning Specialist at Filament Games, and a Visiting Research Associate at Indiana University's Center for Research on Learning and Technology. My research interests include investigating the use of games to facilitate education and discussion around issues in environmental science. I work with games as tools offering a useful balance of complexity, contextualization, visualization, and control, for communities to explore, debate, and... Read More →
avatar for Cody Jolin

Cody Jolin

Student, University of Wisconsin - Stout
I have always had a passion for video games and believe they can be powerful educational tools. Last summer I began working with the Field Museum to investigate the educational effectiveness of WhyReef: an online, social coral reef simulation aimed at young children. After presenting my results at the Field Museum, I am ready to share them with the GLS Conference. | | My interests include computer programming, making music videos, running... Read More →

Fengfeng Ke

Assistant Professor, Florida State University
Computer-supported collaborative learning, game-based learning, e-learning
avatar for Jayne C. Lammers

Jayne C. Lammers

Assistant professor, University of Rochester
affinity space research; online research methods; videogame and other digital literacies; writing; 21st century learning; adolescent literacies; English teacher preparation
avatar for Sungwoong Lee

Sungwoong Lee

doctoral candidate, Florida State University

Linlin Li

Research Associate, WESTED
avatar for Alberto Ramirez

Alberto Ramirez

CEO, Chido Games
I'm a linguist and game designer who believe video games can help to bring plurilingualism to the world, so I'm committed to design and develop video games that allow people to get to know new languages and cultures.
avatar for Jesse Shedd

Jesse Shedd

Undergraduate, Arizona State University
avatar for Stephen Slota

Stephen Slota

Co-Founder, The Pericles Group, LLC
Steve (@steveslota) is an instructional design specialist and game design scientist at the University of Connecticut Health Center and a co-founder of The Pericles Group, LLC. He holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology: Cognition, Instruction, & Learning Technologies and has worked on a variety of game and instructional design projects with organizations including Arizona State University's Center for Games & Impact, Intel Corporation, and... Read More →

Miguel Solis

Indie Toastmaster Runner Program Manager Music Producer Mike
avatar for Cary Staples

Cary Staples

Professor : School of Art, University of Tennessee
my students call me the "designosaur". I am one of "those" who studied in Brissago. | I am a creative problem solver, designer, origami explorer, I love visualizing math. I have to learn to code in "processing" for my next idea, damn it. | My students helped me to design a game for my "Idea of Design" class to replace test, yeah. | I currently have a group of "rogue" students working on a game to teach french to undergraduate students... Read More →
avatar for Mark  Stenerson

Mark Stenerson

Madison, WI, United States, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Vanessa Svihla

Assistant Professor, University of New Mexico
Design & Learning.
avatar for Cathy Tran

Cathy Tran

Researcher, UC Irvine
avatar for Lien Tran

Lien Tran

Assistant Professor, University of Miami
Game Design. Social Impact Games. Social Change. Higher Education.
avatar for Roger Travis

Roger Travis

Storrs, CT, US, University of Connecticut, and The Pericles Group, LLC
Only connect: ancient epic to video games; teacher to student; gamer to gamer; fan to fan; parent to child; human being to human being.
avatar for Victoria Van Voorhis

Victoria Van Voorhis

CEO, Second Avenue Learning
Victoria Van Voorhis is the founder and CEO of Second Avenue Learning, which designs and develops interactive media, serious games and learning management systems to improve educational outcomes. Prior to founding Second Avenue, Victoria was a teacher at the middle, high school and college levels. A thought leader in the educational gaming space, Victoria speaks regularly at national conferences on serious games. Her goal with Second Avenue is to... Read More →
avatar for Michael Young

Michael Young

A situated cognitive view of learning on-the-fly in video game environments, through rich narratives, assessed through card play and understood as social participation, with an ecological psychology flare.
avatar for Steve Zuiker

Steve Zuiker

Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
My work considers the design of interactive learning environments such as educational videogames and how these designs can better inform our understanding of the general consequences of learning. In contrast to a conventional view of knowledge transfer, I enlist the idea of learning transitions in order to advance the conceptual and empirical adequacy of a socio-cultural perspective on the general consequences of meaningful play within and around... Read More →

Wednesday June 12, 2013 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Great Hall

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