avatar for Jonathan


NeuroNet Learning
Managing Director


Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois, United States


avatar for Stephen J. Aguilar

Stephen J. Aguilar

University of Michigan / UC Irvine
Ph.D. Candidate, ABD & Visiting Scholar
avatar for Ola Ahlqvist

Ola Ahlqvist

The Ohio State University
Associate Professor

Vincent Aleven

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
avatar for Kenneth Angielczyk

Kenneth Angielczyk

Field Museum of Natural History
Assistant Curator of Paleomammalogy
avatar for Gabriella Anton

Gabriella Anton

Games Learning Society Center
Research Specialist
avatar for Dylan Arena

Dylan Arena

Kidaptive, Inc.
Co-founder and Chief Learning Scientist
avatar for Audrey Aronowsky

Audrey Aronowsky

Field Museum of Natural History
Program Manager
avatar for Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau

Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau

University of Wisconsin—Madison
Professor of Computer Sciences
avatar for Jodi Asbell-Clarke

Jodi Asbell-Clarke

avatar for Dr. Robert Atkinson

Dr. Robert Atkinson

Arizona State University
Associate Professor
avatar for Sasha Barab

Sasha Barab

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, USA
avatar for Amanda Barany

Amanda Barany

Games + Learning + Society
Research Assistant
avatar for Erin Bardar

Erin Bardar

Education Materials Director
avatar for Karl Baumann

Karl Baumann

University of Southern California
PhD Student in Media Arts Practice (MAP)
avatar for Mike Beall

Mike Beall

Learning Games Network
Project Leader
avatar for Kara Behnke

Kara Behnke

Quarter Heart Studios
PhD Student, University of Colorado Boulder, ATLAS Institute
avatar for Keari Bell-Gawne

Keari Bell-Gawne

Games Learning Society
avatar for Wade Berger

Wade Berger

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graduate Student Research Assistant
avatar for Matthew Berland

Matthew Berland

University of Wisconsin - Madison
avatar for Tony Betrus

Tony Betrus

SUNY Potsdam
Professor of Educational Technology and Management
avatar for Joe Bisz

Joe Bisz

City University of New York
English Professor and Game Designer
avatar for Chris Blakesley

Chris Blakesley

The Jack Welch Management Institute
Director, Multimedia & Interactivity
avatar for Elizabeth Bonsignore

Elizabeth Bonsignore

University of Maryland iSchool/HCIL
postdoc HCIL
avatar for James M. Bower

James M. Bower

Numedeon Inc.
CEO & Chairman of the Board
avatar for D Matthew Boyer

D Matthew Boyer

Clemson University
Research Associate Professor
avatar for Lisa Brahms

Lisa Brahms

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh
Director of Learning & Research

Jim Brown

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Professor, English
avatar for Michaela Buchtová

Michaela Buchtová

Charles University in Prague
PhD Candidate
avatar for Liliana Camacho

Liliana Camacho

Chido Games
Dirección de arte
avatar for Jane Canner

Jane Canner

Classroom, Inc.
New York, NY, United States
avatar for Mark Chen

Mark Chen

University of Washington Bothell
Accidental Hero and Layabout
avatar for Mark Childs

Mark Childs

Freelance Academic
avatar for Cynthia Ching

Cynthia Ching

University of California, Davis
Associate Professor of Learning and Mind Sciences
avatar for Marjee Chmiel

Marjee Chmiel

Smithsonian Science Education Center
Educational Technology Specialist
avatar for Michael Christel

Michael Christel

Carnegie Mellon University, ETC
Teaching Professor
avatar for Douglas Clark

Douglas Clark

Vanderbilt University
avatar for Aline Click

Aline Click

Northern Illinois University
avatar for Cathy Compton-Lilly

Cathy Compton-Lilly

University of Wisconsin Madison
Associate Professor
avatar for Sabrina Connell

Sabrina Connell

Northwestern University
Graduate Student
avatar for Bob Coulter

Bob Coulter

Liztsinger Road Ecology Center

Francesco Crocco

Borough of Manhattan Community College/CUNY
Assistant Professor
avatar for Jen Scott Curwood

Jen Scott Curwood

The University of Sydney
Lecturer, English Education and Media Studies

Zhaihuan Dai

Florida State University
Graduate Student
avatar for Drew Davidson

Drew Davidson

avatar for Richard J Davidson

Richard J Davidson

Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison
William James and Vilas Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry
avatar for Mark DeLoura

Mark DeLoura

Former White House
avatar for Sebastian Deterding

Sebastian Deterding

coding conduct
Chief Something Something
avatar for Benjamin DeVane

Benjamin DeVane

University of Iowa
Assistant Professor
avatar for Theresa Devine

Theresa Devine

Arizona State University
Associate Professor
avatar for Kristen DiCerbo

Kristen DiCerbo

Vice President, Learning Research and Design
avatar for Seann Dikkers

Seann Dikkers

Bethel University
Associate Professor
avatar for David Dockterman

David Dockterman

Chief Architect, Learning Sciences
avatar for Norah E. Dunbar

Norah E. Dunbar

University of Oklahoma
Associate Professor
avatar for Sean Duncan

Sean Duncan

University of Virginia
avatar for Shree Durga

Shree Durga

Postdoctoral Researcher, Playable Innovative Technologies (PLAIT)...
avatar for Teon Edwards

Teon Edwards

Lead Designer
avatar for Javier Elizondo

Javier Elizondo

K20 Center
Game Based Learning Coordinator

Ingrid Erickson

School of Communication and Information, Rutgers University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Clayton Ewing

Clayton Ewing

University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL, USA
avatar for Travis Faas

Travis Faas

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
avatar for Libby Falck

Libby Falck

ChangeX Education
Maker & Design Education, focused on HS
avatar for Kate Fanelli

Kate Fanelli

Beacon Day Treatment
math teacher

Reza Farajian

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral Fellow

Ira Fay

Asst. Prof. of Game Design - Hampshire College
CEO - Fay Games
avatar for Caitlin Feeley

Caitlin Feeley

Educational Game Designer
avatar for Deborah Fields

Deborah Fields

Utah State University
Independent Research Consultant & Temporary Assistant Professor of...
avatar for Carla Fisher

Carla Fisher

No Crusts Interactive
Founder & President
avatar for Barry Fishman

Barry Fishman

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America

Barbara Flagg

Multimedia Research
avatar for David Gagnon

David Gagnon

Field Day Lab
Field Day Lab Director

Luis Gaitan

Epic Software
Lead Video Game Designer
avatar for Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Advanced Distributed Learning
Learning Scientist
avatar for Adam Gazzaley

Adam Gazzaley

University of California San Francisco
Founder & Executive Director, Neuroscape; Professor, Neurology,...
avatar for James Paul Gee

James Paul Gee

Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona, USA
avatar for Hannah Rox Gerber

Hannah Rox Gerber

Sam Houston State University
Associate Professor of Literacy
avatar for Paul Gestwicki

Paul Gestwicki

Ball State University
Associate Professor
avatar for Juan E. Gilbert

Juan E. Gilbert

Clemson University
Presidential Endowed Professor and Chair, Human-Centered Computing...
avatar for Susannah Gordon-Messer

Susannah Gordon-Messer

The Education Arcade, MIT
Education Content Manager
avatar for Owen Gottlieb

Owen Gottlieb

Ph.D. Candidate, NYU; Founder & Director, ConverJent
avatar for Lindsay D. Grace

Lindsay D. Grace

American University Game Lab
avatar for Jen Groff

Jen Groff

Learning Games Network
VP of Learning & Program Development
avatar for Jason Haas

Jason Haas

Scheller Teacher Education Program
Cambridge, MA, United States
avatar for Erica Halverson

Erica Halverson

University of Wisconsin Madison
avatar for Richard Halverson

Richard Halverson

University of Wisconsin Madison
Madison, WI, United States
avatar for Erik Harpstead

Erik Harpstead

Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
avatar for Betty Hayes

Betty Hayes

Arizona State University
avatar for Andrew Heckler

Andrew Heckler

Ohio State University
Professor of Physics
avatar for Trent Hergenrader

Trent Hergenrader

Rochester Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor
avatar for Dani Herro

Dani Herro

Clemson University
Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Learning
avatar for Daniel Hickey

Daniel Hickey

Indiana University
avatar for Stephen Hilyard

Stephen Hilyard

University of Wisconsin Madison
Professor of Digital Arts
avatar for Remi Holden

Remi Holden

University of Colorado Denver
GLS Playful Learning Summit Co-Chair
avatar for V Holeček

V Holeček

Schamballah Studio
Visual Artist

Caitlin Holman

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI, United States of America
avatar for Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Jeffrey Brandon Holmes

Arizona State University
avatar for Edward Hubbard

Edward Hubbard

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assistant Professor
avatar for Robin Hunicke

Robin Hunicke

Funomena LLC
avatar for Jonathan Ibarra

Jonathan Ibarra

Chido Games
CEO Chido Games
avatar for Steven Isaacs

Steven Isaacs

Bernards Township Schools
Education Program Manager

Rebecca Itow

Indiana University online High School
avatar for Ellen Jameson

Ellen Jameson

Filament Games
Learning Specialist
avatar for Barbara Z. Johnson

Barbara Z. Johnson

University of Wisconsin
Academic Technology Director

Margeaux Johnson

University of Florida, Marston Science Library
Science & Technology Librarian
avatar for Cody Jolin

Cody Jolin

University of Wisconsin - Stout

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